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Sep 15

Sep 14

Just because you were unaware of something, doesn’t mean there was some grand conspiracy trying to cover it up.

Just because some piece of trivia was handed to you on a silver platter doesn’t mean it’s a giant secret.

"Why is no one talking about this?!" Because the news is a decade old and we’ve got short attention spans and there’s a metric shitton of stuff going on in the world on any given day.

Sep 13

The first Lisp interpreter was implemented by McCarthy with the help of the LORD

People create programs to direct processes. In effect, we conjure the spirits of the prophets

“Worth” Ancient Proverb (via fuckyeahhdota2)

(via fuckyeahhdota2)

Sep 12




These are all so beautiful and functional. 

ah yes, i see the bedroom fandom is growing.  


I screamed at the first one

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